"City of Fairburn and their staff were extremely responsive and a true team-player in helping IDI pursue several large requirements for our site at SouthCreek V. The city’s representatives and staff are very entrepreneurial and professional; always exploring new ways to help bring new enterprise and jobs to the city.  What an outstanding group of professionals.” 

      Lisa M. Ward, CCIM, Vice President – Industrial Developments International

“Since 1996, Simmons Vedder Partners have been actively involved in the development of a Class A, mixed-use park, located in the City of Fairburn, called SouthCreek …it started as a raw piece of dirt without any improvements and SouthCreek now contains over 2 million square feet of industrial space, office, hotels and retail … Fairburn has been an active supporter of quality development and has been an instrumental part of SouthCreek's success … we have always considered Fairburn to be a supportive partner in all of our developments… whenever we can, we request that prospective users or buyers meet with a representative of the City of Fairburn because prospect is always impressed with the "can do" spirit of the City. … Simmons Vedder Partners has been fortunate to develop commercial and residential real estate all over the country.  We find the City of Fairburn to be one of the most supportive municipalities we work with.”

   David Arnow, Partner, Simmons Vedder Partners 

“We have been here in Fairburn and have grown over the years because of the people we have been able to hire.  We’ve always found a very good quality workforce here … and the other reason we have stayed here is because of the location.  Porex has been an international company from day one and it was so easy to get people in and out because of the proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport”

   Ray Hannah, Former Chairman, Porex Corporation

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